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 "I am looking at formulating a long-drain diesel engine oil predominantly for U.S. engines but without the constraint of CJ-4. What are your views on the relative merits of overdosing a CJ-4 formulation vs. just boosting the detergent inhibitor?"When considering formulating your own diesel...
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Bob along with his wife Misty just recently started a small business in summer of 2015 that specializes in various Performance Products for all engines and mechancial applications. Our niche is to serve the customers in Central WI and beyond. 

Bob has been around truck and tractor pulling much of his life and grew up on a dairy farm.He also served proudly in the military for  23 years and is still serving in WI Army National Guard as a Field Artillery Ammo SGT and has tons of mechanical  and Techinical background. 

Bob is working on  completion of his Bachelors degree on his spare time with Business major and Marketing and Human Resources, Minors.He also has several associate degrees in Supervisory Management, Marketing, Fire Protection/EMT. 

Along with  several technical degrees /certificates in: Basic welding, automotive electrical troubleshooting, Manufacturing Fundamentals, Advanced Blue print reading. And worked in manufacturing as a CNC operator and has 7 years of experience in that field. 

Misty has many years of customer service,with a degree in customer service and loves NASCAR and racing in general. She has even driven a entry level race car in her younger years.And has done the demo derby car thing and even been on the seat of the "Diesel Deere". She also enjoys mud bogs with atv's and trucks along with truck and tractor pulling. 

We own and operate a John Deere Limited Pro Stock Diesel Pulling tractor that we pull circuits in Wisconsin. We decided to park the tractor in 2014  so we could build a small shop and store for the business that we launched out of frustrations with finding parts and products locally. 

In 2017, we hope to bring that machine back out on the track on limited basis, the class and circuit we plan to pull is still undecided at this point. But assured that we will be running quality AMSOIL products in the engine and drive train when it does make the track again.  

We have a small retail store attached to our shop our hours currently are 7 am - 9 pm Monday - Friday, we encouage customers to call ahead as sometimes we may be out making service calls..And shorter hours on the weekends, but we do place our customers needs always first!  And we are building on added service stalls and inventory storage in spring 2017 so we can better serve our customers. 


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